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Derbyshire based supplier of bees, beekeeping equipment, beekeeping courses and honey.

Overwintered 5 Frame British Standard nucs - Collection early April 2024 £280

Bees for collection mid May onward

5 Frame British Standard nuc £230

5 Frame Langstroth nuc £250

5 Frame 14x12 nuc £270

3lb Package of bees £220

​Reserve bees now for collection 2024

Package Bees UK


We supply bees in the form of nucleus colonies and packages as well as good value beekeeping equipment for collection only (cash on collection).  We also supply pure Peak District honey, our honey can be posted to customers thoughout the UK.  


When starting with bees there is often an overwhelming array of equipment to choose from, this can make the hobby appear more expensive and complicated than it needs to be.  Much of the equipment you see advertised is totally unnecessary and some is only suitable for specialist purposes and of little use to the average beekeeper. 


Only 6 items are essential and must be bought (or made) before you can begin beekeeping (see equipment page for photos of a selection of the items we supply):-


1.  Some bees and a queen (obvious really).  We supply nucleus colonies on most of the common frame formats as well as Package bees (all bees and queens supplied by us are reared in our own apiaries).  Bees can be reserved with an online deposit payment of £30 - if you are coming to buy equipment you can pay the deposit in person if you prefer.  


2.  A hive for the bees to live in.  We always have National hives in stock and usually many other types as well.


3.  A protective veil for the beekeeper.  We supply a good value combined veil and jacket for just £15.  We also supply a range of complete suits starting at £40.


4.  A smoker to subdue the bees.  We supply a high quality stainless steel smoker for £19.                                                                                                                                                     

5.  A hive tool to open the boxes and lever out the frames.  We supply our favourite design for £6.


6.  A feeder to allow the beekeeper to feed sugar syrup when required to prevent starvation of the colony.  We supply different types starting from £6. 


After the first year the beekeeper may also wish to add a honey extractor to the above list.  This isn't always necessary, extractors can often be borrowed from beekeeping associations free of charge or for a small fee.